We value our patients' experience at Pyfrom Family Chiropractic.

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Mike is a wonderful Chiropractor. He's professional, experienced and kind. Having adjustments with Mike has really helped relieve my back pain, I absolutely recommend going to him!"
    LS, New York, NY
  • "I visit Dr. Pyfrom regularly as a preventative measure. I often feel the results of everyday activities and stress in my shoulders and back and Dr. Pyfrom’s adjustments, which always start with gentle message and tapping to relax the muscles, leave me feeling rejuvenated and upright. The times I have gone to Dr. Pyfrom with specific back issues, the pain and discomfort has been relieved following a treatment. I can highly recommend Dr. Pyfrom, who is a friendly expert who is always willing to share helpful information and tips."
    MF Ghent New York, NY 2019
  • "I’ve had neck problems dating back to my teenage years and seeing mike has really helped ease the tension and pain I feel. Come in and you will come out a new person."
    M.B. Brooklyn, NY
  • "I came to Dr Mike due to chronic neck tension, which caused frequent headaches. The techniques Dr Mike implemented were gentle, yet effective. I scheduled 2 appointments per week for now 4 weeks, and experienced
    radical improvement! Not only have I found that I have increased flexibility and movement in my neck, and far fewer headaches, but I also have greater ability to focus my mind and center myself. Dr Mike often shares his insights, tools and practices (EFT, meditation, grounding thoughts/mantras) which are valuable and much appreciated. His relaxed attitude and cheerful disposition make it a joy to be in his company. He offers flexible appointment times and has a conveniently located (close to the Taconic Pkwy) home-Office which is clean and spacious. I highly recommend Dr Mike to my family and friends. Give yourself the gift of his excellent chiropractic+ care. In a word, I feel more ALIGNED than ever. What could be better than that?"
    D.S.W., Hillsdale, NY
  • "Neck stiffness - wellness visits. My body functions better after an adjustment! I hate waiting for a crisis to go to the chiropractor - I
    believe in getting adjusted regularly"
    D.V. Nassau, Bahamas
  • "I came in to see Mike originally because he offered me an adjustment. It wasn't very long before I realized how intuitive he was and how helpful chiropractic work is for many other aspects of mind body and emotional health. Working with Mike ended up helping me with my skin, with my weight, and with my metabolism, as well as with my physical bone structure. It was also powerful work emotionally to allow things to flow better. When I got into an accident I was so thankful to have his good work and guidance throughout the whole process of healing physically and emotionally from the trauma. I have referred several people to Mike and will continue to do so. Thanks!"
    S.M. Old Chatham, NY
  • "I have been getting adjusted for years with Dr. Pyfrom. I have received ease in my mind and more mental clarity through his professional care. I appreciate getting adjusted and educated on Chiropractic. You will too!!"
    A.M.P Ghent, NY


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